Trust 运动表现教育培训

Trust as an organization was established as a link between Europe and Asia and, therefore, as the best way to exchange information about rehabilitative training, motor training and education. Their three main values show in which fields they will provide their training. The brand’ name – TRUST – conveys the trust itself, but also a unique value and charm. All the information presented at seminars and workshops were founded on professional sport data, practical knowledge and available technology. TRUST provides the best workshops and support for athletes, trainers and physiotherapists around the world. „Education has no boundaries” – with this TRUST organization’ motto, they supply their trainees with knowledge from the best specialists. Some of progressive athletes create limitless possibilities ensuring their help and support. TRUST meets the ones who may bring a lot of benefits like health and better mood, to other people in the future. 

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Chengdu, Chiny


Thrust 运动表现教育培训 (Performance)


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